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  • Hi
    just looking for some advice please. Booked a craft show last year and paid a deposit with the balance to follow so many weeks prior to show.

    Unfortunately I had to cancel so posted a cancellation letter by Recorded Delivery on 6th Sept I was well within the time limit for cancellations (nearly 5 weeks before the cut off date). Yesterday received a letter from the Organiser saying that they haven't received any notification from me and I am now liable to pay the oustanding balance to them.

    I'm upset as I did everything by the "book", I have my little orange Recorded Delivery slip with their address and date stamp. They are demanding payment, but even if I send payment I'm still not entitled to that space.
    I've tried emailing using several address but all are bouncing back, also tried to fax but it just rings.

    Sorry to waffle on but wondered where I stand legally.
    Any help and advice would be really really appreciated!
    20 Oct '07 - 4.10pm
  • It sounds very mean spirited of the organiser not to refund your deposit. We had a situation last year where we had to cancel a couple of shows due to ill health and after a quick phone to them both at relatively short notice the organisers refunded our stand fees in full. It would of been an act of good will for the organiser to refund your fee if they want you to exhibit with them again.
    You could get back to them again and mention the Trading Standards and even threaten to take them to the small claims court if they persist in not refunding you. I wish you well. LC
    24 Oct '07 - 7.36pm
  • Sorry to hear of the problems you are having, most show organisers are more understanding than this, in my experience.
    If you have your Recorded delivery slip you can 'Track and Trace' when the letter was delivered and usually who signed for it on the Royal Mail's website ( You just put in the long number on your orange receipt. Once you have this, and you can print off a copy of the signature, I'd go back to them telling them when it was delivered and show them a copy of the signature. Of course, your letter may genuinely have gone astray, in which case they are right to say they haven't received it, but you can then claim compensation off Royal Mail instead. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
    2 Nov '07 - 5.49pm
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