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  • Hi everyone, i am new to this and could really do with some advice. I design and make my own handbags and was just wondering if they would sell well at craft fairs and if not what would be the best events to sell them at?
    Please help!
    27 June '07 - 10.01am
  • Dear Hayley,
    Like all makers, you won't know until you try. Naturally you are going to want to minimise your expenses initially, so you could consider taking a stand with another maker. Alternatively, you could consider approaching shops and see whether people will buy your work or take it on sale or return. Lots of people are not keen on sale or return - personally I think it can be a good option.
    Is your work for sale in any shops or anywhere else at present?
    28 June '07 - 12.41pm
  • If you've sold the bags to your mates and price is about £5-£20 then you might sell at craft fairs. Anything too expensive then perhaps there would be a problem. However, there are craft fairs and craft fairs so who knows. Why not visit some fairs and see if you can see something like yours? Imagine your product and prices and ask yourself if it might sell. The other way is to take a giant leap into the unknown and book a stand at one of them to find out.
    5 July '07 - 11.58am
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