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  • Hi there, I make jewellery (groan I know!) and have been asked to repair an elasticated bracelet for someone. Being my first time using elastic I am really finding it tricky to get the knot to hold, it just keeps coming undone. Am I being stupid and is there some kind of obvious method that will hold the knot fast? Please help!
    10 May '07 - 11.14am
  • How about a small spot of glue on the knot? Something not too sticky, dries hard.
    11 May '07 - 8.42am
  • If you use 'Stretch Magic' (available from bead suppliers such as Earring Things - ) you may find that you get better results than using shirring elastic. I would advise against using glue as it can give a hard lump on the end of your bracelet. It may sound simplistic, but it's possible that you are using the 'wrong' kind of knot. Try using a reef knot (right over left, then left over right). A common mistake is to cut off the ends far too short - if you do this, your work will probably come apart whatever knot you tie! Ideally leave the ends six inches long (long enough to thread the end back onto a needle) then thread the ends back through the work so that the beads hold the end in place. If necessary, tie off the end with another knot judiciously placed so that it will be hidden by a bead. Again - don't cut the elastic immediately next to the knot - thread the end through another three or four beads before trimming.
    I hope this helps.
    Debbie Siniska
    11 May '07 - 1.33pm
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