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  • Hi, I have a question about selling designs. I make silver jewellery and have been approached by a member of my craft group with regards to taking some of my pieces to show her company. She thinks the company would be interested in taking on my designs for mass production. This leaves me with the dilemma of selling the design or not. How do I find out what is a reasonable price for a design, and is it possible to continue to make the original myself (assuming the company will probably what to make some changes). Thanks for any answers and advice. Becca.
    7 May '07 - 9.42pm
  • I would play your cards close to your chest in relation to the price - an appropriate price is, ultimately, whatever they are prepared to pay. Try and get some idea from them - ask them what their budget is or how much they usually pay, then tell them that you would like more than whatever figure they state. If they are buying the rights to a design and are planning to mass produce it, you may find that they are not concerned whether you coninue to make small quantities by hand or not, as long as you don't sell the rights to any other manufacturers - I'd simply ask them how they feel about this - if they say no, then put the price up.
    21 May '07 - 8.58pm
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