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  • I am a printmaker and I'm opening my studio (in my back garden) as part of a local open studios event. It will be open for three weekends and I'm wondering whether I should look for insurance with regards to public safety etc. Any advice would be welcome! Also my local source of 95mm square envelopes has ceased to exist. Does anyone know of a mail order stockist? Thanks
    12 Apr '07 - 7.33pm
  • Hi
    Your first port of call regarding public liability insurance should be with the Open Studios event organisers themselves, just in case your entrance fee includes insurance. If you find you are not covered, try Ian Wallace ( ).
    For the square envelopes, try Planet Envelopes (
    13 Apr '07 - 1.54am
  • Thanks MB for swift reply - will follow up both leads you suggest. What a good thing message boards are! Mandy
    13 Apr '07 - 8.37pm
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