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  • Smoking ban at craft shows.
    Should smoking be banned entirely at craft shows and outdoor events? I think the answer has to be yes. Often at shows there are walk-in enclosed stalls with smokers walking in blowing their toxic fumes over the exhibitors and their products. Then there is the sight of the bored chain smoking stallholder standing outside the craft marquee creating a poor impression. And its always the dodgier grey end of the craft spectrum that are the heaviest smokers. I say let's kick this foul habit from all craft shows and outdoor events. I know there is more chance of hell freezing over but one never knows.
    24 Mar '07 - 10.41am
  • A great big definite yes for that suggestion!
    I'm all for people making their own choices, but when it brings other people into it the that's when you need a re-think.

    I make jewellery and glass so its not directly affected by smoke but that doesn't mean I want to breathe it in.

    Some people of course make things using fabric which would be severely affected by any smoke and this becomes a very good reason to ban smoking.

    A really good suggestion, lets hope some of the fair organisers take note.

    25 Mar '07 - 10.50am
  • Yes definitely ban it! Smoke clings to clothing, and all sorts of textile products. Reading this, reminded me of an event I went to a few years ago, whereby the organiser had mixed food with craft. We had beefburgers with fried onions, sausages and kebab smells wafting over our hand-made products. Luckily I wasn't affected, but those people selling cushions, knitted jumpers and kiddies clothes quickly packed up and left empty spaces! Food can be a problem as well as smokers and smoking.
    27 Mar '07 - 11.09am
  • I'm with you, LC. I would like to see airtight smoking booths in public places - like portaloos. Smokers would benefit - more of their costly smoke would end up coating their lungs rather that wafting inefficiently away on the breeze, and non-smokers would get the fresh air they crave - it's a win-win solution ;-)
    31 Mar '07 - 7.27pm
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