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    Hi, I am looking to dramatically change career, and want to train as a jewellery designer. I am 28, too old to get an apprenticeship (!), and wondered if anyone had any ideas that would help me.
    I would love to start at the bottom and get bench experience, but am worried that I'm too old - I wish I knew this was what I wanted to do 10 years ago!

    Any help gratefully received! Thanks so much!

    19 Feb '07 - 2.46pm
  • Hi Kate

    You may well find is difficult to get an apprenticeship, though you could try going into some of the high street jewellers and ask where they get their work repaired, I have a friend who did this and worked as a bench jeweller for a couple of years. If you don't have any luck, why not look at local colleges and take a city and guilds as an evening course, this is what I did when I decided to change direction from textiles to jewellery, especially if you are more interested in the design aspect, it will at least give you a good start in both techniques and design ideas. Good luck

    17 Mar '07 - 1.09pm
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