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  • Does anyone know of an antiquing solution for gold-effect metal? or even gold-filled metal? I have Liver of Sulphate for silver and brass but don't know if this works on gold...?

    Any ideas? I am desperate to get an aged effect on the gold jewellery that I make but don't know how! It's driving me mad...

    Thanks very much!
    19 Feb '07 - 12.45pm
  • Hi, I find liver of sulpher works with gold. It takes a little longer in the solution, and of course it doesn't blacken as deeply as silver, but it works ok.
    Good luck!
    16 May '07 - 9.51am
  • But that's the thing about gold - real gold doesn't tarnish or age, it always looks the same. If it looks darker then that is the type of gold it is not the age. if you have gold with tarnish on it then it isn't gold.

    If you are trying to make it look dirty old - why?
    19 July '07 - 11.01pm
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