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  • Scam websites
    If you have a website, you are potentially vulnerable to scammers. You might think that this would only be a problem for larger companies, but individual craftspeople are just as vulnerable as anyone else.

    For the sake of brevity, I've split this message into two - click on replies for more details!
    17 Feb '07 - 9.09pm
  • Scam websites ...continued!
    Alison Davies makes glass beads and jewellery here in the UK. Alison has a website at and a few weeks ago it became apparent that someone had created a website made almost entirely from text and images taken from her site, and was promoting this fraudulent website with a campaign of spam emails. At the time of writing, the fraudulent site is still online at

    Alison received emails via the website expressing an interest in 'her offer'. At first, she was getting 2 or 3 emails a day and was becoming increasingly concerned.
    Alison told me "After a few weeks I started to receive angry emails from people who had been sent fraudulent money orders. The worst part was when I received 2 phone calls from a man. The calls were not threatening and the man left messages on the answering machine for me to call back. I was just alarmed that someone would ring the house. The code for their number was British. Interestingly when we put their phone number in the internet search engine it came up linked to a website selling tickets for last years football world cup. Their last scam maybe?"

    The emails that these people were sent give the following details:

    � Receive payment from Clients
    � Deduct 10% which will be your percentage/pay on Payment processed.
    � Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to any of the offices you will be contacted to send payment to"

    It's possible to find the details for the owners of the fraudulent website - in this case, they are in Nigeria, which seems to be the origin of many similar scams. If it were based in the UK, you could write to the web hosts and the police and attempt to get the site shut down, but in this case there doesn't seem to be much that can be done.
    Has anyone else had a similar experience?
    17 Feb '07 - 9.12pm
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