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  • I need to buy an extension cable for an up coming fair, and was wondering what would be the best to buy. I re-read an old Craftman article about electrical safety in public and how you could invalidate your insurance by not taking the proper precautions. Are all extension leads now on the market class II? I need quite a long extension cable (8m+) so an RCD would be advisable but I cannot find any that are integrated. Would my best option then be a RCD adaptor?

    14 Feb '07 - 9.52am
  • Hi Jess,
    My husband says yes, you can use an RCD adaptor, but assuming you are only running lighting off the lead, all lighting that plugs into the lead should be PAT tested and fused at 3 amp max. All show electricians should be able to PAT test, costs about £2.50 a test, or find one in the yellow pages. It's a simple test to verify the connection of earth between the plug and the light fitting.
    Colin is curious as to why you need an 8 metre lead? Are you sure it's not .8?
    Hope this helps...Lisa
    25 Feb '07 - 9.51am
  • Thanks Lisa, the reason I need an 8 metre lead is because the organiser has advised having a lead of at least this length. Why exactly I am not sure.

    27 Feb '07 - 1.19pm
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