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  • Hello, I am looking for a UK supplier of Liver of Sulphur but it must be in block form and possible for me to order a small quantity. I hope someone can help. This is my first posting, so apologies if this topic has already been covered but I couldn't find anything looking back over past messages. Judy
    17 Jan '07 - 1.24pm
  • Judy - Out of interest, what do you want it for?
    17 Jan '07 - 7.11pm
  • Hello, I want it for blackening/antiquing sterling silver.
    18 Jan '07 - 12.54pm
  • Have you tried ammonium sulphide as an oxidising agent? It used to be available from chemists as a very offensive-smelling liquid (!) - whether it still is, I don't know.
    18 Jan '07 - 4.11pm
  • Judy,
    I bought my supply - 100 gms. - from Sutton Tools (B'ham).
    Tel: 0845 094 1884
    Also try H S Walsh & Sons Ltd.
    Tel:0121 236 9346
    Cousins Tool Centre
    Tel: 0121 237 5600

    Good luck! Ela
    26 Jan '07 - 2.57pm
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