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  • Hi, Can anyone give me some advice about exhibiting at the British Craft Trade Fair at Harrogate please? How much stock does one take, and should I have enough to sell there, even though I understand that most people will be just looking for information about products and prices.

    Also any tips on having a super display as a newcomer?
    11 Jan '07 - 6.52pm
  • Hi, I just used the exhibitors guide in the downloads section on the left of the page, and it was great- I'm doing my first wholesale show soon, and it answered a lot of my questions.

    As for advice for booths, keep it simple but elegant, so your booth doesn't overshadow your stuff. Try to have things at different levels. Be creative! Think about what you like to see at other peoples' booths (and don't like) Use enough lights.
    12 Jan '07 - 3.02pm
  • I think at trade shows you are just interested in orders and not selling anything on the day so just samples of you work and a photographic portfolio of larger work, good quality leaflets seems to be whats required.
    13 Jan '07 - 10.49am
  • You can download our Craftsman Guide to Exhibiting at Trade Fairs from this site - that should give you everything you need to know as it's based on our 20+ years of being involved with major UK trade fairs and is designed to help the first time exhibitor get the most out of an event.
    Angie Boyer, Craftsman Editor
    26 Jan '07 - 11.48am
  • Excellent - thanks everyone. I have found out loads of info now; however the actual space of the stand is 2m x 1m - where does one stand? Do I need to organise it so that I stand within my stand or can I stand outside it????
    3 Feb '07 - 4.40pm
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