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  • Hi, I'm looking at making gladstone or carpet bags from all sorts of fabrics. Does anyone know of good quality bag frame manufacturers and/or wholesalers in or outside of the UK? Much googling has brought up info for fittings for leather bags and buckles, but not much else except for one 12" tubular frame from one site. I want to order many and I don't want to be limited to the tubular frame inserted into the fabric. I've seen all sorts of frame designs on bags in the shops from metal to fake bakelite ones, so they must be available, but where do I get them from?!
    29 Dec '07 - 2.57pm
  • Yes! I too, am looking to make several carpet bags as gifts for members of a group to which I belong. The best thus far that I have found is available thru and they have the 12" hinged frames, the leather strapes for handles and such. The pattern they are suggesting is not quite the shape I was thinking it was supposed to be for a Gladstone, so if you find a better one or create one, would you please share that information back to me off list?

    I very much appreciate the carpet bags designed and sold by Victorian Traveler see their website: At the price of over $150 US, I cannot afford to go out and buy everyone a bag and that's why I'm looking for options.

    Any information you can find would be gratefully appreciated! [email protected] "dot" com.
    18 Feb '08 - 11.53pm
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