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  • Hi there, don't know if you or any of your members can help. In December 1990 my husband and I attended a victorian craft fair in Winsford, Cheshire where we purchased a large ride on wooden train made by Ketkuti-Line Toys of Lincolnshire. At the time we were undergoing IVF treatment and optimistically bought this for our hoped for child.
    We didn't succeed in becoming parents and the train has spent the past 17 years in our attic.

    We now wish to pass this on to our nephew's family but we no longer have the assembly instructions. As the train was multi functional i.e. could be ride on, sit in or push along, the assembly process is not easy to determine without the intructions.

    We have tried to contact the seller, but the contact details are no longer valid.

    We would be very grateful to anyone who could help.

    Many thanks
    Christina Power
    6 Dec '07 - 10.31pm
  • Hi Christina

    I have been trying to find out about your train and have asked lots of people in the business if they know the makers, but unfortunatly to no avail. I just looks as though someone is going to have to sit down with all the bits like a jigsaw puzzle.

    Good luck Paul Boyer

    21 Jan '08 - 10.39am
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