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Peter Moss
Peter Moss
Ceramics Category

Peter Moss
Ceramic Artist, Fellow of The Society of Designer Craftsmen, Arts and Creative Industries Consultant

My ceramic practice falls into three broad and often interchangeable categories: decorative ceramics, sculpture, and architectural works including throwing, hand-building and press-moulding. Firing temperatures for earthenware are 1020-1080C, stoneware 1220-1280C and decorative treatments including glazing, lustre painting and transfer work 820C.

My decorative works have gradually become restrained and understated as I strive for harmony and balance from ever changing combinations of colour, pattern and form. My sculptural work often shares similar concerns in that I make liberal use of material and methods that I first experienced when training as a potter. My architectural works often bring me close to other artists and designers including architects, teachers, students and schoolchildren. These collaborations help me to employ many elements of both my decorative and sculptural ceramics and reflect both an historical and contemporary awareness.

The formal, repetitive aspects of my ceramic forms and surfaces are of major importance to me. The carefully constructed surfaces have become canvasses with recognised boundaries enclosing tightly drawn, painted or modelled exteriors.

In my earliest work I was keen to use quick, explosive, expressionistic mark-making into the clay surface rather than on it; gradually this exuberance has become quieter and more controlled. I am now more concerned with aspects of harmony, balance and the interaction of colour, pattern and form.

I have enjoyed a long and positive relationship with the Society of Designer Craftsmen both as Council Member and National Chairman and have served on other national bodies including the Crafts Council, Royal Society of Arts, Lincolnshire & Humberside and Eastern Arts Boards. I continue to serve as an arts consultant and advisor.

Pete Moss Celebrating Practice: Past, Present, Future
ISBN 978 0 9548015 5 7
Published by the National Centre for Craft and Design

Photo Credit: Electric Egg

Judge’s Statement

Gold Award: Diana Tonnison

Judge's statement:  
"In reviewing Diana Tonnison’s ceramic production it soon became obvious that, as a recognised maker, she has developed a sustainable market for her ceramic works. Her skill base, which includes a well-rehearsed knowledge and experience of clay and glaze technologies, has evolved in a highly individualistic style.
This is clearly demonstrated in her colourful fish and vegetable constructions which employ bright glazed surfaces, often realised by her use of raku and electric kiln firing techniques.
There is positive evidence of sound technical knowledge allied to a very personal set of imagery.
I have selected the work of Diana Tonnison, together with her professional awareness, as an excellent example of what can be achieved by dint of careful planning, development of a recognised style and an enthusiasm for a broad client base.
In studying her curriculum vitae, I was particularly impressed by the assured manner in which she has evaluated her own capabilities, developed a large customer base, and planned and managed her own production style.
In conclusion, I should add that the evidence of her excellent practice, mature market development, and obvious enthusiasm for her selected specialist craft interests clearly support my recommendation for the Gold Award." Peter Moss, April 2016

Silver Award: Steve Booton

Judge's statement:
"There is no doubting the importance of working with clay, glazes and specialist firing techniques for this experienced potter. Steve has connected with Japanese making and firing techniques for many years and immersed himself in making ceramic works including throwing systems and glazing techniques such as shino and ash glazes.
A fortunate trip to Japan, meeting Japanese potters and beginning to reflect upon the essential nature of working with high-fired glaze finishes has encouraged him to adopt his own interpretation of developing a direct response to this oriental culture. He has now achieved a rhythm in his work, especially with throwing and glazing techniques.
In selecting Steve Booton as one of my recommendations for the Silver Award, I feel that I am confirming his success in arriving at ceramic works which have identified and proven the underlying principles of Japanese ceramic philosophy.
His exhibition record should be applauded and he has maintained a clear framework of interest in thrown and shaped ceramic works which certainly invite close inspection." Peter Moss, April 2016

Silver Award: Carolyn Genders

Judge's statement:

"The illustrations of Carolyn’s ceramic works were sufficient for me to further investigate her reasons for employing clay, vitreous slips and firing techniques which have been combined in such a coherent manner in order to fully respond to her instinctive needs as a painter. 
The vehicles for her painted surfaces are often open vessel forms which are carefully balanced in their formal presentation, the edges of such forms are also an important part of the final ceramic work.
The colour selection, drawn line and interaction between each surface composition successfully invite close inspection and actual handling.
I had no hesitation in selecting Carolyn Genders as one of my recommendations for the Silver Award as each of the selected ceramic items submitted for review confirmed her expressed need of exploration and discovery and the desire to challenge her process and practice.
This self-awareness and confidence in the material handling of ceramic processes required to fully exploit her vision are justified and it is important to recognise her drawing skills.
Finally, I should confirm that the final fired coloured and drawn surfaces invite the viewer to engage in some serious interaction." Peter Moss, April 2016

James Faulkner
Paul Jessop
Angela Mellor
Judge's statement:

"The Finalists - James Faulkner, Paul Jessop and Angela Mellor - should all be applauded and recognised for the high quality of their ceramic works. Their individual working methodologies have been very professionally managed as their individual careers continue to flourish.
James has continued to work with high-fired stoneware and has included both slip and glaze finishes; these unique surfaces are extremely carefully painted and often abraded which then reveal a very subtle set of interactive designs.
Paul has developed a strong relationship with throwing and slipware introducing a wide range of domestic wares.
Angela uses bone china slip cast techniques in a wide range of works.
Each of these artist makers continue with their various ceramic practices and are successfully selling their works in galleries, shops and through commissions." Peter Moss, April 2016

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