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The craft&design Selected Awards 2012 - Specialist Judges

craft&design Selected Awards

Steve Ogden
Steve Ogden
Ceramics Category

Steve Ogden

My first contact with clay happened at the age of thirteen, following the advice of my art teacher that clay could be found under river banks. I was suspended by a friend over the banks of a central Manchester river, indeed she was absolutely right and clay was found. My bedroom soon became my studio pottery, lolly sticks for modelling tools and course red earthenware for coiling, I was hooked.
My position as course leader for the BA Contemporary Craft and Design course at the University of Cumbria means I have rarely spent more than a day away from clay in my working life. Students constantly challenge the materials with new approaches to form, decoration and glaze. When judging this year’s entries I will be looking initially at the level of craftsmanship and design but also innovative use of the material and the level originality in the design and manufacture of each piece.

Judge’s Statement

The high standard and range of work shortlisted has made the judging process a challenging and extremely rewarding task and all entries should be congratulated. The additional notes and answers to the questions supplied by each maker really added to the process by providing a window into their journey both as a maker and creative individual towards their current craft practice. There is a real sense of practical experience and constant experimentation within the work with makers seeking new approaches to the medium, decoration and form. The crafts seem to generate within its practitioners creative and practical risk takers which can be seen in both the practical outcomes and their narratives.

Patricia Shone�s work has an energy and physicality within her surfaces that combines the human action of moving tools and hands over and within the surface of clay. Each piece has a sense of movement as if the process of making is ongoing, pots are almost still being rotating, it�s this movement combined with the applied surface decoration and form which made the work stand out as a gold award winner. The development of her making processes and continuing technical development was well expressed and will add to the future success of her work as a maker.

Hannah McAndrew�s work has that wonderful combination of strong form and well executed decoration, Hannah has added something contemporary to a traditional technique. The work combined the best in traditional thrown form with sensitive slip decoration. The work with its wonderful glaze surface and balanced form just cried out to be used with food.

Emily-Kriste Wilcox�s work presented a very different approach to clay using slabs as flat canvases, expressing images as though seen through mist. Her work demonstrated that unique quality that craft materials have, their ability to allow the maker to cross reference techniques and approaches, reversing our traditional sequence of making, enabling the maker to decorate as a painter would a canvas, and then creates a three dimensional form.

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