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Selected Premier

Our Selected Premier option is an upgrade to a standard Selected entry, with larger images, an events list that you can log in and update yourself, and more. We have a page with more details about Selected Premier and also a flier about Selected Premier.


During my first year of full time trading being in the craft&design Selected gallery has had a massive impact on my business and my income.


Web page  
including 1 image with short caption
(up to 4 words + makers name),
up to 250 words of text and your contact details
Alterations and Additions
Alterations to contact details Free
Add additional image
up to a total of four images with short captions (up to 4 words + makers name)
(i.e. each entry includes one free image and up to three additional images)
£12.00 per image
Replace an image £12.00 per image
Change main text

Note: If you are requesting changes or additions to an existing page, please state your your e-mail address and your name as it appears on your Selected webpage. If you wish to request changes to text, please submit the full revised text. We will send an invoice by email to you for the relevant charges.

Terms and conditions

craft&design Magazine reserves the right to reject material deemed to be inappropriate.

Submitting text and images for inclusion on craft&design Selected constitutes an agreement that the person or group applying for a page within the Selected website owns the copyright of the text and images, and that the submitter agrees to craft&design Magazine publishing those images on the internet and also agrees to indemnify PSB Design & Print Consultants Ltd. (the publishers of craft&design Magazine and administrators of the Selected website) against any claims that might be brought against PSB Design & Print Consultants Ltd in the event that the Selected entrant is not the copyright holder.

All pages in the Selected site are the property of PSB Design & Print Consultants Ltd. PSB Design & Print Consultants Ltd. reserve the right to remove pages that contain inappropriate content.

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