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I never expected for a moment that last summer I would discover that, many years ago, I had unwittingly fallen foul of one of the very things I have been warning others to avoid.
What is crowd funding and how could it work for you? Explaining the funding process, stage by stage.
by Pete Mosley, craft&design Business Editor
9:10 mins
Risk isn't just about money, we can lose valuable time, risk our reputation and take risks with our physical and mental wellbeing. Being self employed means you have to be prepared to embrace all of these things. What are you likely to get back from the time, money and emotion that you put into developing your business?
by Pete Mosley, craft&design Business Editor
6:51 mins
There are many great things to be gained from working together as sole traders and small businesses. Collaboration might just be the key that unlocks a more powerful and productive way of working
by Pete Mosley, craft&design Business Editor
7:14 mins
Who can you trust to give you independent feedback when you need to know if an idea or product will cut the mustard?
by Pete Mosley, craft&design Business Editor
6:36 mins
Do you spend too much time working in the business, keeping up with demand, rather than finding time to innovate and develop new work?
by Pete Mosley, craft&design Business Editor
6:44 mins
How many times do you sit down to write a post, spend a few minutes staring at a blank screen and then move on to the next task on your list with a muttered promise to write it later when you're feeling more inspired?
by Pete Mosley, craft&design Business Editor
5:30 mins
Make the story of your work and your part of its making into part of your daily conversations with customers old and new. By sharing your story with them, you are increasing the perceived value of the things you make.
by Pete Mosley, craft&design Business Editor
6:48 mins
What can you do to make sure you're carrying out the tasks you need to, in order to balance out all the different aspects of running your business and to do really well?
by Pete Mosley, craft&design Business Editor
5:25 mins
A few suggestions and observations that might make speaking in front of an audience easier, or at the very least enable you to feel more prepared for it all.
by Pete Mosley, craft&design Business Editor
7:33 mins
This is both a literal question - to do with the need to understand the geography of your business - and a metaphorical one to do with the size and scope of your ambitions.
by Pete Mosley, craft&design Business Editor
Survival is just as much about mindset and self knowledge as it is about business acumen.
by Pete Mosley, craft&design Business Editor
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craft&design Online May 2017craft&design Online May 2017

We're delighted to bring you the first issue of our brand new craft&design Online! We've included everyone's favourite sections from the the printed magazine - but with lots of lovely online extras!
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It's the last week of National Craft and Design Month!

Craft and Design Month May 2017Craft and Design Month May 2017

There's so much to see and do - places to go, people to meet, creativity to share: craft fairs, shows, exhibitions, open studios, courses, workshops, demonstrations.... have a great time and a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend!

Stitch at The Guild at 51

Stitch at The Guild at 51Stitch at The Guild at 51

11 April – 4 June 2017 The Guild at 51, 51 Clarence Street, Cheltenham GL50 3JT Taking the ancient practice of stitch and interpreting it in the modern age, Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen members, from a variety of disciplines, will be showing new collections of work at their gallery / shop in the centre of Cheltenham.

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