Mastercrafts with Monty Don

BBC2 will be showing a new television series in 2010 entitled Mastercrafts.

A great admirer of British crafts, Monty Don presents a new programme celebrating the nation's craftsmanship and the recent renaissance in traditional crafts.

Each week on Mastercrafts, three hopefuls get the chance to study under some of the country's leading master craftsmen and women.

They will be trained to a high standard in the craft of their choice, including metal work, wood craft, stone masonry, glass-making, thatching and weaving. The aim is to equip them with the practical knowledge and skills to give them a head start in their chosen craft.

Monty will be charting the students' progress during their training and exploring the fascinating and often forgotten history of each craft. The aim is to put traditional crafts firmly back on the map in modern Britain.

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