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Issue 144

July 2003

Craftsman Magazine issue 144, July 2003

Could we 'oldies' be helping the next generation more?

Mia Sarosi, Ceramic Artist
Developing the art of painting
pots on horseback

A couple of Organisers have
their say this month

Syon Park
A different organiser, a breath of fresh air and a new look for this important London summer craft show

Books, letters, theatre
Helen Johnson, calligraphy,
lettering and bookbinding

Craft Observations
David Powning's scientific observations of
craft show anthropology - in other words, people watching when you're having one of those shows!

Business Clinic
The practicalities of Putting
a Business Plan together

Elegant Solutions
The Laurence McGowan interview

Art in Clay
The 9th National Pottery & Ceramics Festival
at Hatfield House

Global Ceramics
A taste of what's to come at the International Ceramics Festival in Aberystwyth

Potfest Celebrates 10 Years
Pots, pots and more pots - in the Pens, in the Park and new for 2003, in the South West

Kerry Cox Ceramics
Winner of the GA Award for Excellence
at bctf 2003

BAD Ceramics
Well, they're not all that bad!

The Leach Pottery Appeal
Did Andy McInnes realise
quite what he'd started?!

Scottish Potters Association
Fine craftsmanship north of the border

Museum of Crafts
A little bit of French history

Show Case
Tickets to give away plus events
and exhibitions latest

Right Royal Revels
Reminiscences and 'Oscar' awards
for the industry

'Create & Craft' Road Show with
Alan & Barry and Ideal World TV

Diary of a Craftworker
Sausage Henge and Chelsea - the craft of being all things to all men, perhaps?!

This issue has sold out
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