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by Angie Boyer

Published: May 2018

craft&design Highly Commended Newcomer at the British Craft Trade Fair 2018


"I was eager to ascertain how my style of jewellery would be received by a new clientele in the UK, having previously been successful in selling through selected galleries and boutiques in Beirut and the exclusive mountain resort of Faraya in Lebanon. 


BCTF 2018 proved to be a great way to engage with industry professionals, traders and fellow designers and I really enjoyed the overall ‘community feel’ to the event. I was flattered by how many complemented my individual style, plus the many visitors to my stand resulted in useful orders and an encouraging number of exhibition invitations. To top it all, I was surprised and thrilled to be awarded The craft&design Highly Commended Newcomer Award and also to be shortlisted for the BCTF Award of Excellence, the only award to take all exhibitors at the fair into account. I’ve already booked a stand for next year, and am looking forward to displaying new designs and meeting everyone again." Rouaida Boullier

I'm sure that, like me, visitors to the ROUAIDA.COM stand at BCTF would have found themselves comfortably drawn into a conversation about the stylish geometric jewellery designs on display, such was the infectious enthusiasm of Rouaida and her husband Brian. She has a endearing Lebanese accent to her spoken word, whilst he has a charming hint of Irish - an unexpected combination perhaps, but one which has a lovely, romantic story behind it - which you can hear more about in our video - and which led to Rouaida moving from her home on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean Sea to the heather-clad foothills of the East Pennines.

Before moving to West Yorkshire in 2015, Rouaida lived in Lebanon where, for more than 10 years, she created her fashionably stylish jewellery which was sold exclusively in selected galleries and boutiques. "I was part of a designer group in Beirut, a city of high fashion and sophisticated style," she tells me, "and my designs were strongly influenced by the vibrant culture, natural beauty and rich history of my home country. I grew up close to the ancient city of Byblos with its well-preserved Roman harbour and bustling souks." 

"The Lebanese are a deeply passionate people," she adds, " who believe in living life to the full by celebrating friends and family, good food, high fashion and impeccable style" - sentiments which are echoed in the elegant simplicity of Roauida's jewellery designs.

Now though Rouaida finds her inspiration in the rugged grandeur of the Yorkshire countryside, living and working in a converted mill at the foot of the Ryburn vallery. There she uses sterling silver, 18ct gold, semi-precious stones, diamonds and pearls to create her most appealing, award winning jewellery. 

Wherever she might live, Rouaida's aspirations remain ambitious yet simple - to offer quality jewellery that is desirable, affordable and delivers a unique contemporary style backed by an enviable standard of service.

I would say that she's is pretty well on track to deliver all of that, her skills in design and craftsmanship, coupled with her unquestionable passion and enthusiasm for what she does will surely open lots of new doors for her in the months following her success at BCTF 2018.

Angie Boyer

“It was the elegant simplicity of Rouaida’s highly original jewellery and the sensitive display of her work that initially caught our attention in the Newcomers Gallery at the British Craft Trade Fair. Rouaida has a deep passion for her work, which is directly influenced by her native Lebanon, a country with a rich heritage of creativity. Now based in - and influenced by - West Yorkshire, Rouaida has an infectious enthusiasm for what she does that is not only a joy to see, but will also be a key element in her future success.” 

Angie and Paul Boyer, Judges' statement at BCTF 2018.

Ian W. Wallace Craft Insurance

craft&design Best Newcomer Award at BCTF

Congratulations to Charlotte Wilkinson! We'll tell you more about Charlotte and her spectacular glass in our May issue of craft&design Online!

craft&design Highly Commended Newcomer Award at BCTF


We were delighted to present our Highly Commended Newcomer Award to Rouaida Boullier ROUAIDA.COM for her highly original range of jewellery. Find out more in our May issue of craft&design Online!

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