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The next issue that you can submit event details for is the May/June '08 issue (197).
The copy date for this issue is 17 March '08.

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The English counties listed here are based on the Ceremonial Counties of England. Yorkshire and Sussex are both given as single counties rather than North Yorks, East Sussex etc. The Welsh Counties as defined in 1974 (e.g.Dyfed) and Scottish regions as defined in 1975 (e.g Strathclyde) are given rather than the traditional Welsh and Scottish county names such as Ceredigion and South Lanarkshire (although Glamorgan is given as a single Welsh county, and Western Isles, Shetland and Orkney are combined within 'Highlands & Islands'). In Northern Ireland the traditional six counties are listed.

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There is a nominal one-off annual fee for including an unlimited number of listings online and in Craftsman craft&design Magazine. The Subscriber Pages of the craft&design website show a full 12 months� listing of Craft events, whilst the Public Pages show events for the next 21 days.

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Date, Venue, Organiser�s Telephone Number and Website Address: �120 + VAT, a one-off fee to include all your 2008 events

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The Premier Listing is FREE if you advertise in one or more issue of Craftsman craft&design in 2008.

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