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Landmark Arts Centre

Landmark Arts Centre
Ferry Road,
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UK Govt: Skilled Crafts Count

An online petition suggesting that the government intends to reclassify crafts as ‘not creative’ has generated substantial interest from craftspeople, but the government have responded with unequivocal support for skilled crafts. more...

Pete's Podcasts

Hot off the press - well, hot off the recording system! - Podcasts from our ever popular Business Editor, Pete Mosley. Wise words from the man in the know when it comes to developing your business, all for free.

Meet our Maker of the Year !

Wayne Hart, Sandstone Sphere - Hand Carved Commemorative Wedding Gift

Congratulations to craft&design Selected Maker of the Year 2013 and Gold Award Winner in the Specialist Media Category.

"His passion for his craft and meticulous manner come across in every aspect of the work that he produces" - Medeia Cohan-Petrolino, Creative Director of Judge for the Specialist Media Category this year.

If it's craft you're looking for, all you need to do is....

Find skilled designer makers in Britain and Ireland in our online gallery.

craft&design supports the aims of Anti Copying In Design
I believe your magazine is providing a genuine service to makers such as myself by highlighting the places to find good quality pieces of craftsmanship in this country.
The public is more discerning than they are given credit for and many people appreciate a cherished piece of work more than mass produced commodities.
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