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Stockbridge Contemporary Craft Fair

Tel: 01208 873277
Mbl: 07811 966151
The Stockbridge Contemporary Craft Fair is an annual show featuring only skilled British designer makers. The show is held in the charming small town of Stockbridge near Winchester in the recently refurbished town hall. We work hard to look after our exhibitors and promote the show.

Organiser Profile

Event organised in South East England.

About the Organiser

  • Year when first started organising Craft Fairs: 2007
  • 1 craft related event organised each year

Exhibitor Profile

  • Only Hand-made British crafts

Events Profile

  • Retail event held for 3 days, as a stand alone craft event, indoors
  • Event is juried, with 2 people on the selection panel/board and there is no submission fee
  • 19 craft exhibitors at a typical event
  • £145 minimum craft stand cost per event
  • More than one stand selling the same craft accepted but limited
  • Mixed crafts on one stand Accepted by arrangement
  • No free demonstration space offered
  • 500 total visitor attendance at Stockbridge Contempory Craft Fair last year
  • Entrance cost for one adult: £1
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