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29 July ‘15 - 1 Dec ‘17 »
Wed 29 July ‘15 - Fri 1 Dec ‘17

Create your own 1-Day, one-to-one course: Any Goldsmiths Fine Techniques

Event Type: Craft Course/Workshop
Add more value to your work by refining your existing fine jewellery skills. Request the assistance of a highly experienced professional Goldsmith. Ask their expert opinion about your tricky technical issues, ask them to share you their Tips of the Trade or teach you new skills and see how they operate in their own workshop.
About the organiser
At the tutors workshop,
May be an option for a tutor to visit you
29 July ‘15 - 1 Dec ‘17 »
Wed 29 July ‘15 - Fri 1 Dec ‘17

Enamelling : Create your own 1-day, one-to-one course

Event Type: Craft Course/Workshop
Arrange a 1-day one-to-one course with a professional Enameller in their workshop. Obtain their Trade Secrets; improve your own skills or get advice about troublesome Enamelling issues. This course is a great opportunity learn at your own pace, with your work in mind and on a date convenient to you.
Other associated courses available:
1-Day: An Introduction to Enamelling
1-Day: Enamelling PM
About the organiser
Courses take place in the tutors workshop
29 July - 15 Nov ‘15 »
Wed 29 July - Sun 15 Nov ‘15

Mosaic Courses in Glass/Ceramic and Mixed Media

Event Type: Craft Course/Workshop
Two day Mosaics courses from 4th April 2015 through to 15th November 2015. These two day courses within this time frame include working with glass and ceramic tile and mixed media. Indoor and Outdoor projects. Call number for more details.
About the organiser
Blue Sky Mosaics,
South Cottown, Kintore,
AB51 0XR   map
Tel: 01467 641617
Mbl: 07908 838747
1 Aug ‘15 - 1 Jan ‘17 »
Sat 1 Aug ‘15 - Sun 1 Jan ‘17

Create your own 1-day, one-to-one, CAD Course

Event Type: Craft Course/Workshop
CAD can be a powerful tool for developing ideas and building designs efficiently. CAD design files are also the first step into rapid accurate production methods (Rapid Prototyping & 3D Printing). A 3D model can be created from the design file which can produce an accurate model suitable for casting.
Proficiency in CAD design takes a while, however a 1-day course can introduce basic skills.
About the organiser
At the Tutors workshop,
May be an option for a tutor to visit you
4-6 Sept ‘15 »
Fri 4 - Sun 6 Sept ‘15

Conference 2015: Extreme Glass: a focus on material and process

Event Types: Craft Course/Workshop · Craft Demonstrations
This year our conference further expands and contextualises our classes, which will examine the diverse materiality of glass and glassmaking techniques. Artists and designers are looking at the material afresh, investigating the basic science and tools, asking how far is it possible to push the idea of 'the glassmaker'?
About the organiser
North Lands Creative Glass,
Quatre Bras,

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