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Make Your Creativity Pay: How to Earn Your Living from the Things You Love to Do
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Make Your Creativity Pay

How to Earn Your Living from
the Things You Love to Do

by Pete Mosley

Pete Mosley is Business Editor for craft&design. He works as coach and mentor to a wide range of creative and exceptional people.

‘This book is for everyone out there that has a head full of ideas and the notion that earning a living from their own creative endeavour is simply the best thing ever.’

It’s aimed at:

  • People with a hobby on the verge of a business - working from home, studio or garden shed.
  • People who are desperate to escape the 9-5, or through redundancy or change of circumstances, need to start afresh.
  • Start-ups and fledgling businesses needing ideas, inspiration, and a guide to what works.
  • More mature businesses that need some fresh thinking.
  • Folk who are looking for a friendly, jargon free guide.

People like you:
Wood-turners, glass artists, potters,cake-makers, furniture makers, artists, coracle-builders, soap and candle makers, calligraphers and illustrators, jewellers, bead workers, blacksmiths, spoon carvers, knitters and weavers, model makers, leather workers, basket makers, toy makers, musical instrument makers, rug makers, well - all creative people! If you recognise yourself in this list, Make Your Creativity Pay will resonate, because for you it may well fill a need, solve a problem, answer questions, provide help and support, get you heading in the right direction.


It will help you ‘Make Your Creativity Pay’.

Pete presents at national conferences and events, and designs and delivers training events, seminars and continuing professional development programmes.

He is available for talks and presentations on a whole range of topics related to ‘making your creativity pay’.  

Details: 144 pages, available as a digital file only.  

What people are saying:

“Pete is the clearest thinker I know and the successful direction of my business is all down to him. His advice is worth its weight in gold and a whole book of the stuff is a treasure trove of positivity”.
Rob Glass - Film maker.

“This has to be the book of the century for all you creative types out there. Enjoy!”
Rachael Stanleick - New Lifestyle Coaching

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