craft&design Selected Makers 2016

We are now inviting applications from professional designer makers working in Britain or Ireland for Selected, our online gallery. A Standard page featuring images, contact details and some descriptive text is free of charge, whilst there is a small annual fee for a Premier page.

And everyone with a page on Selected is automatically entered for our 2016 craft&design Selected Maker Awards , where the top prize for our 2016 Selected Maker of the Year includes a front cover feature, a year’s promotion and a nice fat cheque for £1,000!

There are lots of other prizes too of course, with 6 Gold awards and 12 Silver awards being given. We’re closing for applications at the end of November, well ahead of the online vote opening on 1st January, so designer makers who would like to be considered for Selected and also have a chance to become our 2016 Selected Maker of the Year, should please submit their application before then.

2015 craft&design Selected Maker Award Winners

We’re thrilled to announce our 2015 craft&design Selected Maker Award Winners!

After the online public vote closed at the end of March, our Specialist Judges took over and had the unenviable task of choosing One Gold and Two Silver Award Winners from the six Finalists in their particular category. Huge thanks to all our Judges, we very much appreciate your input and support for our annual Selected Maker Awards.
Scroll down here to discover who’s won what this year! 

Ceramics Category

Moyra Stewart Gold Award Ceramics
and craft&design Selected Maker of the Year 2015!

Moyra Stewart Ceramics Gold and craft&design Selected Maker of the Year 2015

Moyra Stewart Ceramics Gold Award and craft&design Selected Maker of the Year 2015

Alison Sandeman, Judge: “Strong and accomplished, Moyra Stewart’s hand built vessels have a sense of form which clearly showed me her ability to combine artistic creativity with her craft. These qualities, plus the more personal writing in her artist’s statement, showed me the depth of her work. This is most brilliantly illustrated by the photos taken of her work at Riddle’s Court in Edinburgh which can be seen on her website. I especially liked her awareness of offering three different sizes of her work of each form, thus making them more accessible to her customers.
Moyra has a long term love of rocks. Her initial trip to the Hebrides to research the Lewisian Gneiss rock formations are the inspiration behind these latest forms. Moyra’s informative and descriptive writing on the slips and glazes that she uses for the Naked Raku process, gave me a real sense of being involved. The research, experimentation and the making she feels are all integral to each other. It is a joy to see a ceramist combine all three with such clarity; a true alchemical blend of a potter passionate about her work.
Moyra has ambitious and exciting projects planned for the future. I look forward to hearing that they are going ahead as her wish to step up in scale takes a leap forward. May her long standing obsession with rocks continue!”

Katharina Klug Silver Award Ceramics
Alison Sandeman, Judge: “Katharina Klug’s work is aimed at contemporary interiors.  Her vessels echo her heroes but they are clearly her own. I liked the statement on her video that says she does not want the pots to be perfect. However, she does aim for perfection with the important aspects of proportions, shape and surface on the pots. Katharina continues in her video to enthuse about porcelain, her decoration techniques, and the knowledge that she will improve year after year. Her decoration, unlike many contemporary designs, has a natural, ancient feel. I was intrigued by the use of the ceramic wax crayons which she makes herself. Her experience and affinity with porcelain clay is clear. I could feel her enthusiasm emitting from the pots.
Plans to introduce a gas kiln will give Katharina a chance to develop new glazes and higher translucency in the porcelain.  Artists that progress make changes. However, she is also revisiting her work; a brave step to go backwards, but I am sure it will bring future benefits. Coupled with continued experimentation, things look good for her future work. I shall be looking out!”

Angela Mellor Silver Award Ceramics
Alison Sandeman, Judge: “Angela Mellor’s work is exceptional. She creates delicate vessels with a tension that holds the piece in just the right space. At the same time her well proportioned forms have a softness to them. Her technical experience and relationship with Bone China is self evident in all aspects of her work. I really liked the translucent overlapping layers of paper clay in her new work as illustrated in “Blue Mountains”. There is a definite sense of her moving onto new things.
Angela’s bespoke lighting work provides a sound business approach. I loved the Dendrophyllia Installation: Bone China on Granite. Working on these design projects must bounce back benefits to her more individual ceramic work. I think ‘let’s watch this space’ on the lighting in combination with her pots.”

Jill Ford, Alex McCarthy & Pat Southwood, Finalists Ceramics
Alison Sandeman, Judge: “The finalists carry an impressive range of qualifications, self publicity, work in education and exhibition appearances, in the UK and other countries. Their dedication to their practice is well illustrated in their artists’ statements, web sites and blogs. I have been very impressed with all the makers’ creativity and technical expertise. I resonated with Alex’s approach to production and his building up a rhythm of work. Jill’s “White Cliffs Triptych” and “Water Meets Rocks” I especially liked. They can be viewed on her website. Pat’s total commitment to her kiln and using local and recycled materials, strikes a cord with me. Alongside her good links with Japan, her work will continue to develop and I look forward to seeing hers and all the finalists’ latest work.
All the finalists are great ambassadors for the pottery and ceramic world. They will inspire those who want to have a go, develop, attend courses, and maybe go on to teach themselves.”

Glass Category

Nancy Sutcliffe Gold Award Glass

Nancy Sutcliife 'fresco boy' 7.5x10cms

Nancy Sutcliffe, craft&design 2015 Selected Maker Gold Award Glass

Andy McConnell, Judge, “Nancy’s engraved glass belongs in a class of its own. Using traditional techniques to create contemporary work, she fulfils all that I was hoping to find when judging these awards. Originality was high on my agenda, and Nancy skilfully creates an eclectic blend of renaissance and modern, figurative and abstract to create a cohesive body of work with a personal identity.”

Michael James Hunter Silver Award Glass
Andy McConnell, Judge: “The quality of Michael’s work is outstanding and the techniques involved highly skilled, using complex and intricate colour combinations. The glass he creates is literally jewel-like: some of it even looks as though it could be worn, perhaps by Grayson Perry. Flamboyant and vivid, it could well be described as ‘Perryesque’!”

Haley Haddow Silver Award Glass
Andy McConnell, Judge: “Haley’s kiln formed glass bowls are beautifully made and have a vibrancy of colour that seems to reflect her personality and an obvious enthusiasm for her work.”

Melissa Nicholls, Steve Robinson & Linda Banks, Finalists Glass
Andy McConnell, Judge: “It is not the easiest of tasks to judge something so tactile without the opportunity to pick up, touch, feel and see the pieces involved, but even so, it is clear from all the presentations that each of the finalists is dedicated and competent in creating works in glass with a wide appeal.”

Textiles & Needlecrafts

Carol Coleman Gold Award Textiles & Needlecrafts

Carol Coleman Slice of the Past

Carol Coleman craft&design 2015 Selected Maker Gold Award Textiles & Needlecrafts

Wendy Morris, Judge, “Carol describes her primary technique as free-machine embroidery often linked with the use of dissolving paper, and she certainly pushes what can be done with a basic sewing machine to unusual limits. But she also has a wide range of other textile techniques in her toolbox which she uses with a high level of mastery and considerable artistry. Her distinctive jewellery, caskets and vessels are exquisitely crafted; they also demonstrate thoughtful and creative problem-solving in their design and making. Her feel for materials and her ability to push them, and her own skills, in new directions is impressive. I also particularly like the fact that she addresses the demands of functionality, even of wall-mounted pieces, from the very beginning of the design process so that form and function are completely integrated.”

Angie Parker Silver Award Textiles & Needlecrafts
Wendy Morris, Judge, “There is a fizz about Angie’s work – the vibrant colours, the bold contemporary designs, and the sheer enthusiasm she radiates for her textiles. Although still relatively near the beginning of her career she has already established a strong design identity and demonstrated excellent craft skills in dealing with the widely differing demands of scale and function of rug weaving and fine upholstery fabrics. She has explored one technique in great depth and made it her own, but has also moved on to different techniques when they suited her purpose better. It’s hard to imagine her work ever becoming stale.”

Corinne Young Silver Award Textiles & Needlecrafts
Wendy Morris, Judge, “Minute study of the botanical detail of her subjects may be the starting point for Corinne’s work, but she shows us that she can take her observations in a range of directions depending on the qualities she seeks to highlight and the context or purpose of the piece she is making. By exercising tight control over the fundamental materials and techniques she uses, even hand making her own linen paper as a base, she gives herself the freedom to incorporate vintage fabrics and serendipitous finds while still retaining the integrity of her designs.”

Alice Fox, Bev Harris & Theo Wright, Finalists Textiles & Needlecrafts
Wendy Morris, Judge, “The diversity of technique, approach and end product among the finalists showcases the excellence in UK textile craft at the moment. Alice Fox has a wonderful ability to connect us with her landscape, using an extraordinarily wide array of skills and techniques to do so. Beverley Harris has excellent mastery of the twin crafts of felt-making and free-machine stitching, using her sewing machine as a well-honed drawing tool to create vibrant and distinctive jewellery and wall pieces. And Theo Wright’s fascinating and innovative “Permutations” project looks set to move his weaving career imminently onto another level. Exciting times!”

Specialist Media 

Keith Newstead Gold Award Specialist Media

Keith Newstead Automata

Keith Newstead craft&design 2015 Selected Maker Gold Award Specialist Media

Christine Dove, Judge, “Keith’s work brings to mind the fun and humour of Heath Robinson. To watch a video clip on his website is a must, to see in real life must be awe inspiring. The key to his success is the ingenuity he has brought to the design process and the skill that he then draws on to create the finished automata. The mechanical and engineering skills to make it move in such a natural way and especially when it includes a change of pace leaves one wondering – how did he do that! The intricacy of the automata explains why he needs to turn initial ideas, into drawings and then a prototype before the finished product is achieved. In addition he draws on the skills, at a high level, of a wood carver, metal fabricator, painter and mechanical engineer. A craftsman to watch in both senses of the word.”

Julie Vernon Silver Award Specialist Media
Christine Dove, Judge, “Julie’s work as a mosaic artist reached a new level when in 2013 she produced her first three dimensional public art commission, Golden Gromit. I had been impressed with her previous work and the way she combined vitreous glass, ceramic, marble and slate on flat surfaces. 3D obviously brings in additional levels of complexity, so to achieve such a clean finish was most impressive. I was also impressed with the energy and passion she brings to her work and desire to pass these skills on to others.  I look forward to seeing her future large scale 3D work.”

Lise Bech Silver Award Specialist Media
Christine Dove, Judge, “Lise’s work as a basket weaver demonstrates experienced, time-honoured techniques in use of willow, heather and hair moss together with traditional basket shapes. However, she also brings more innovative approaches through the introduction of other materials such as broom and birch, and the harmonious combination of the these fibres with the willow, and skilful weaving have enabled Lise to create beautiful, appealing baskets in a variety of organic shapes. Her resourcefulness and willingness to transfer skills in return for help with gathering her home grown willow is commendable and must be very satisfying for her and her helpers.”

Kate Rattray, Carol Blackburn & Phil Davidson, Finalists Specialist Media
Christine Dove, Judge, “It was a pleasure having the opportunity to look at the work of the six finalists to gain a better understanding of their design processes and an insight into the varied selection of techniques, skills and work necessary to achieve some memorable pieces of work. My congratulations and best wishes to all six on the standards they have achieved and to their future success within their disciplines. Hopefully they have also enjoyed the experience of reaching the final and will continue to challenge themselves with future applications.”

Wood & Metal

Graham Anderton Gold Award Wood & Metal

Graham Anderton

Graham Anderton craft&design 2015 Selected Maker Gold Award Wood & Metal

John Makepeace, Judge, “Very different is the work of Graham Anderton. Clearly an experienced engineer, he now applies his vigour and imagination to creating a wildly diverse range of sculpture in response to individual commissions, opportunities and whatever discarded materials that come to hand. For me he personifies the strength that emerges from broad experience combined with a witty and energetic mind that thrives on new challenges.  Here craft is at the service of ideas.  Of course craftsmanship is important but traditions only remain relevant when they evolve to retain relevance to our changing culture.”

Siân Elizabeth Evans Silver Award Wood & Metal
John Makepeace, Judge, “Siân is an accomplished metalsmith and her coppersmithing demonstrates the extraordinary potential of the material. Her commissioned pieces reflect her thoughtful concern to make objects of deep relevance to her client or the intended recipient. Working in a manner evocative of the early Arts and Crafts Movement, the style is inevitably at odds with contemporary aesthetics but the quality of craftsmanship and range of expression are hugely impressive.”

Geoff King Silver Award Wood & Metal
John Makepeace, Judge, “Geoff has evolved a personal language in this wooden jewellery. I particularly like the clarity of the purely wooden items; these suggest a search for simple and beautiful forms that express the nature of the material.  Immaculately wrought, some with a useful function, they become jewel-like without the almost alien introduction of stones.”

Jane Cummins, Lee Sinclair & Tim Hawkins, Finalists Wood & Metal
John Makepeace, Judge, “The craft component was evident in the work of all six of those on the short list. This includes sculpture, jewellery, turnery, furniture and metalsmithing. Judging such a diverse range of media and scales is an unenviable task, so it has been necessary to set some criteria to set them apart.
All these entries show substantial enthusiasm and traditional skills. What I am looking for is an ability to bring imagination both to the concept and to the making process. This creativity combined with a strong aesthetic was especially evident in these entries.”

Jewellery & Precious Metals

Naomi Nevill Gold Award Jewellery & Precious Metals

Naomi Nevill lizard necklace drawing

Naomi Nevill craft&design 2015 Selected Maker Gold Award Jewellery & Precious Metals

Kath Libbert, Judge, “What a treat to be introduced to Naomi Nevill’s wonderfully vibrant world of lustrous enamel jewellery all executed with supreme skill.
I love her confident use of colour, the range of ways she makes use of enamelling, for instance her intricate shimmering cloisonné work, the variety of compositions she creates, from the detailed geometric patterns in her Microscopic Series of brooches, which I particularly like and would personally choose to wear, to the organic flow of her Rock Pool neckpiece which shows off her mastery not only of enamelling but of repoussé techniques too. However, her piece de resistance is the awe inspiring Lizard necklace, the detailing is superb, the colours are perfect and the composition works well as a wearable stand out piece.
Naomi is a new young talent with great flair, talent and confidence and I feel sure she will go from strength to strength!”

Mark Nuell Silver Award Jewellery & Precious Metals
Kath Libbert, Judge: “If I had two gold awards Mark would have had one too! He is a supremely accomplished goldsmith crafting the most exquisite jewellery set with stunning precious gems as the focal point to each of his unique pieces. His interesting background as the son of a sapphire miner, his training and experience as a gemstone cutter and as a jeweller, and his eye for what makes a truly beautiful composition is why for me his work is so very special. I have known Mark for many years and his pieces have a timeless elegance whilst also being extremely contemporary, a true mark! of great design.”

Lydia Niziblian Silver Award Jewellery & Precious Metals
Kath Libbert, Judge: “Lydia Niziblian’s work has a raw energy that is engaging both visually and emotionally – silver rings and chains roughly hewn, darkly oxidised with highlights of gold Keum-boo and the occasional flash of a gemstone – artefacts that span time. Jewellery is always a personal affair but this seems to be at the very heart of how Lydia develops her work both when commissioned by a client to create a piece that connects deeply to them and in her wider collections which take inspiration from the challenges within her own family life. A very interesting talent to watch and a great one to wear!”

Anna K Baldwin, Claire Troughton & Cathy Timbrell, Finalists Jewellery & Precious Metals
Kath Libbert, Judge: “Three Highly Commended! How hard it is to choose winners when all six finalists are creating such fantastic work. I love the oh so wearable perfectly proportioned coiled, hammered silver and gold rings and bangles crafted by Anna Baldwin. Clare Troughton’s sensitive nature inspired collections show her great skill as both a maker and a designer – even her production ranges retain many detailed hand made elements. Cathy Timbrell’s accomplished pieces arise from her tireless experimenting with all sorts of techniques and take inspiration from hidden beauty found for instance in beach detritus and decaying walls. I very much look forward to seeing more work from all these three very talented makers.”

Congratulations to them all – we’ll be featuring the work of each and every one of them in our September/October 2015 issue of craft&design magazine.


Congratulations to all our Finalists!

Huge thanks to the thousands of people who voted in our 2015 Selected Maker Awards, we’re delighted to announce the designer makers who have reached the short list of 36 Finalists. The Specialist Judges will now be taking over to make their selections for this year’s Gold and Silver Award winners, which will determine our 2015 craft&design Selected Maker of the Year, the Gold Award winner who polled the most votes overall. We’ll be announcing everything at the beginning of May here on our website and through our social media network, and then featuring everyone’s work in the September/October 2015 issue of craft&design magazine.

Finalists are listed in each category in alphabetical order by surname

Wood & Metal Crafts

Graham AndertonJane Cummins, Sian Elizabeth Evans,Tim Hawkins, Geoff King and Lee Sinclair

Jewellery & Precious Metal

Anna K Baldwin, Naomi Nevill, Lydia Niziblian, Mark Nuell, Cathy Timbrell, and Claire Troughton


Jill Ford, Katharina Klug, Alex McCarthy, Angela Mellor, Pat Southwood and Moyra Stewart

Textiles & Needlecrafts

Carol Coleman, Alice Fox, Bev Harris, Angie Parker, Theo Wright and Corinne Young


Linda Banks, Haley Haddow, Michael James Hunter, Melissa Nicholls, Steve Robinson and Nancy Sutcliffe

Specialist Media

Keith Newstead, Phil Davidson, Carol Blackburn, Lise Bech, Kate Rattray and Julie Vernon