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The craft&design Selected Awards 2015 - Specialist Judges

craft&design Selected Awards

Wendy Morris
Wendy Morris
Textiles & Needlecrafts Category

Wendy Morris
Owner of the Handweavers Studio & Gallery, London

Wendy Morris took up weaving seriously in 2000, her only previous experience being a term of evening classes undertaken while still at school. As someone who was accustomed to constructing much of her own wardrobe, creating the fabric itself was the obvious next step. After a four day introductory course at the Handweavers Studio she bought a loom and the interest quickly became an obsession.   The Bradford Diploma in Handwoven Textile Design followed, and then membership (and subsequently the presidency) of the international handweaving association ‘Complex Weavers’.

In 2009 Wendy and her husband took over the Handweavers Studio and moved it to new premises, enabling the teaching side of the  business to be greatly expanded. Five years on, Handweavers (as it’s affectionately known) has five weekly weaving classes, a workshop programme which includes spinning, weaving and tapestry workshops for beginners as well as specialist weaving workshops for intermediate and advanced weavers, and a two-year Diploma course for handweavers who want to take their weaving to another level.

“Our Diploma course is built around the belief that a successful craftsperson should be able to design an attractive product, have the technical knowledge to translate that design functionally, and have the craft skills to produce a finished item to a high standard. That is true in every craft field, and as the specialist judge for textiles and needlecrafts I will be focusing on how successfully those three aspects are managed and brought together by the finalists.”

Judge’s Statement

Carol Coleman Gold Award Textiles & Needlecrafts
"Carol describes her primary technique as free-machine embroidery often linked with the use of dissolving paper, and she certainly pushes what can be done with a basic sewing machine to unusual limits. But she also has a wide range of other textile techniques in her toolbox which she uses with a high level of mastery and considerable artistry. Her distinctive jewellery, caskets and vessels are exquisitely crafted; they also demonstrate thoughtful and creative problem-solving in their design and making. Her feel for materials and her ability to push them, and her own skills, in new directions is impressive. I also particularly like the fact that she addresses the demands of functionality, even of wall-mounted pieces, from the very beginning of the design process so that form and function are completely integrated."

Angie Parker Silver Award Textiles & Needlecrafts
"There is a fizz about Angie’s work the vibrant colours, the bold contemporary designs, and the sheer enthusiasm she radiates for her textiles. Although still relatively near the beginning of her career she has already established a strong design identity and demonstrated excellent craft skills in dealing with the widely differing demands of scale and function of rug weaving and fine upholstery fabrics. She has explored one technique in great depth and made it her own, but has also moved on to different techniques when they suited her purpose better. It’s hard to imagine her work ever becoming stale."

Corinne Young Silver Award Textiles & Needlecrafts
Wendy Morris, Judge: "Minute study of the botanical detail of her subjects may be the starting point for Corinne’s work, but she shows us that she can take her observations in a range of directions depending on the qualities she seeks to highlight and the context or purpose of the piece she is making. By exercising tight control over the fundamental materials and techniques she uses, even hand making her own linen paper as a base, she gives herself the freedom to incorporate vintage fabrics and serendipitous finds while still retaining the integrity of her designs."

Alice Fox, Bev Harris & Theo Wright, Finalists Textiles & Needlecrafts
"The diversity of technique, approach and end product among the finalists showcases the excellence in UK textile craft at the moment. Alice Fox has a wonderful ability to connect us with her landscape, using an extraordinarily wide array of skills and techniques to do so. Beverley Harris has excellent mastery of the twin crafts of felt-making and free-machine stitching, using her sewing machine as a well-honed drawing tool to create vibrant and distinctive jewellery and wall pieces. And Theo Wright’s fascinating and innovative “Permutations” project looks set to move his weaving career imminently onto another level. Exciting times!"

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