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The craft&design Selected Awards 2015 - Specialist Judges

craft&design Selected Awards

Andy McConnell
Andy McConnell
Glass Category

Andy McConnell
One of Britainís leading authorities on glassware of all types

Andy McConnell is one of Britain’s leading authorities on antique and vintage glassware and his books have covered the subject from 1650 to the present. He was the first glass specialist recruited to BBC TV’s Antiques Roadshow, to which he has contributed to ten series.
He lectures widely on glass and writes for journals as diverse as
The Times, Country Life, Homes & Antiques and Glass Circle News.

His 550-page opus, The Decanter, An Illustrated History of Glass from 1650 [ACC, 2004] covers the ‘antique period’, whilst the research for his 20th Century Glass [Miller’s, 2006] led him on a voyage of discovery in the United States, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and Venice. He is currently working on an updated edition of The Decanter and has been researching and compiling another book, on Swedish Glass Design, for six years probably with another two still to go.

Andy runs Britain’s largest antique and vintage glass shop/gallery, Glass Etc, with his wife Helen in their home town of Rye, on the Sussex coast. According to Homes & Antiques readers, it is currently England’s Antique Shop of the Year.

“Whilst flattered by the invitation to be this year’s Glass Category Judge, I am also daunted by the challenge. This is because after almost 40 years in the field, I’ve yet to fall into love with Studio Glass. Some has caught my eye and impressed, of course, but I’ve found too much of it derivative, poorly-formed and unimaginative. I’m more a journalist/historian than art critic, which has always seemed a more appropriate angle from which to appreciate small-scale, artistic glass endeavours. However, I’m certainly not prejudiced and will approach the task in hopeful expectation. Originality will be high on my agenda as, for me it’s the rarest and most valuable of all talents.”

Judge’s Statement

Nancy Sutcliffe Gold Award Glass
"Nancy's engraved glass belongs in a class of its own. Using traditional techniques to create contemporary work, she fulfils all that I was hoping to find when judging these awards. Originality was high on my agenda, and Nancy skilfully creates an eclectic blend of renaissance and modern, figurative and abstract to create a cohesive body of work with a personal identity."

Michael James Hunter Silver Award Glass
"The quality of Michael's work is outstanding and the techniques involved highly skilled, using complex and intricate colour combinations. The glass he creates is literally jewel-like: some of it even looks as though it could be worn, perhaps by Grayson Perry. Flamboyant and vivid, it could well be described as 'Perryesque'!"

Haley Haddow Silver Award Glass
"Haley's kiln formed glass bowls are beautifully made and have a vibrancy of colour that seems to reflect her personality and an obvious enthusiasm for her work."

Melissa Nicholls, Steve Robinson & Linda Banks, Finalists Glass
"It is not the easiest of tasks to judge something so tactile without the opportunity to pick up, touch, feel and see the pieces involved, but even so, it is clear from all the presentations that each of the finalists is dedicated and competent in creating works in glass with a wide appeal."

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