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The craft&design Selected Awards 2014 - Specialist Judges

craft&design Selected Awards

Angie Wyman
Angie Wyman
Textiles & Needlecrafts Category

Angie Wyman

Angie Wyman is the Course Leader for the Degree programme in Hand Embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework (RSN) based at Hampton Court Palace. The RSN is the international centre of excellence for teaching, practising and promoting the art of hand embroidery.

Angie brings over twenty years experience of working within Higher Education specifically within the area of embroidery and the applied arts. She is both a practitioner and tutor with a career long commitment for the promotion and continued practice of embroidery. 

“I trained in embroidery at Loughborough College of Art and Design and have maintained my practice since then. My work has been exhibited at an international level and I have developed a number of successful international projects which connect textile practitioners worldwide. The project entitled ‘Nets’ was featured in craft&design magazine Issue 214 (March/April 2011) and took me to Finland and Australia. Partnerships were built between the Novia University of Applied Sciences, Turku and the Australian National University, Canberra which culminated in a number of country specific exhibitions and a conference. 

“In 2012, I was based at the Australian National University in Canberra for a three month period of research as a visiting artist. In September 2012, I taught at the prestigious TAFTA Textile Fibre Forum at Geelong Grammar School. This event bought together over twenty international textile tutors and over 400 delegates in a week long textile extravaganza.

“I am delighted to be joining the craft&design Selected Awards as a Specialist Judge for Textiles. I will be looking for works which show original and innovative approaches to textile practice; underpinned by the makers’ personal development of their own visual language. The craft&design Awards offer an incredibly important platform to profile both emerging and established makers which in turn brings their work to new audiences. It is such an exciting time for craft and design and these awards acknowledge the diversity and creativity from within this sector.”

Judge’s Statement

Judge's overview:
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate each Finalist on the significant contribution that they make to the contemporary crafts sector. Each Finalist presented exciting and innovative work which showcases the diversity of practice within the Textiles and Needlecrafts discipline.

Gold: Zoe Hillyard
Judge's Statement: ZoŽ creates works which are both intriguing and innovative. Patchwork as a three dimensional conceptual process is used to recreate the ceramic vessel as a textile form. This offers the viewer a contemporary contextualisation of traditional craft practice. Zoe discusses the new tactility of the fabric covered vessels which offer an unexpected element when handled. The flexing of the surface is in direct contrast to the solidity of how the original piece handled when complete.
When viewing the works, I was reminded of the Japanese term 'Kintsugi' whereby broken ceramics are repaired with gold. The visible repair across the surface travels inside the form and adds to the intrigue of the work. The use of stitch to 'repair' but also add decoration becomes in inherent component of each newly assembled work. This stitch, combined with surface decoration; created through digital print continues to make reference to the history of the object. This in turn, alludes to the new life of the assembled piece due to the juxtaposition of the imagery, shape, external and internal surface.

Silver: Sue Stone
Judge's Statement: Sue has allowed us into her own depiction of a very unique world within these works. The viewer is drawn into the juxtaposition of her sepia rendered figures that appear to have found themselves in a 'full on Technicolor' urban contemporary landscape. I enjoyed viewing the incongruity of both subject and location forming a new narrative through their new found connection.
Sue uses a combination of painted and stitched imagery which is first drawn and digitally rendered to develop and create these intricate works. Sue discusses how the process of stitching and handling the fabric informs her concept and composition. The use of stitch to create temporary and permanent reference points alongside the creation of the textural surface connects very strongly with the choice of subject as they too appear temporarily placed in their permanent environment.

Silver: Alice Fox
Judge's Statement: Alice's work connects to and is directly informed by her landscape and surroundings. The works offer permanence to a temporary and shifting landscape. Each piece has a subtle ethereal quality which cannot be replicated in subsequent pieces. The mark making taken directly from the land and found objects is offered a new permanency through the application of stitch reference points.
The landscape marks offer unexpected outcomes similar to that of shibori or ceramic glaze. The depth of colouration and saturation of the surface is wholly dependent on the level of pigmentation contained in the chosen surface or object. The work is exciting and will continually evolve according to whichever location Alice next chooses to make work from.


Rachel Stowe
Judge's Statement: Rachel's work has a beautiful tactile quality which employs devorť, hand and screen print processes to build imagery and surface which are constructed into very wearable textile scarves and throws. The work is created through layers of processes which Rachel has honed to ensure that each piece conveys her unique signature and individuality. I look forward to following Rachel's career through to her next collections utilising new materials, surfaces and product ranges.

Moy Mackay
Judge's Statement: Moy creates beautiful landscapes and still life compositions using traditional and contemporary approaches to felt-making and embroidery. The works fully represent the craft of the medium and exploit the painterly effects that Moy has mastered through her practice. The work has an energy and vibrancy whilst conveying the mood of the landscape that Moy is responding to. Moy is an artist of international recognition and her continued sharing of her practice and subject knowledge with other makers is inspiring.

Emma Fallon
Judge's Statement: Emma has presented an intricate collection of scarves and clothing created using hand woven fabric through her Kulu design studio collection based in the UK. The cloth is finely woven using hand spun and sustainable yarns designed with mathematical precision. The combination of silk and wool create sumptuous rich textile surfaces which offer excellent handle, drape and lustre.
Emma has shown through her portfolio that she has managed to successfully align her own business with textile co-operatives overseas to ensure that her woven fabrics retain the integrity of sustainable and fair-trade practice.

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