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The craft&design Selected Awards 2014 - Specialist Judges

craft&design Selected Awards

Amanda Stücklin
Amanda Stücklin
Jewellery & Precious Metal Category

Amanda Stücklin

Amanda Stücklin has always been passionate about jewellery and precious objects.  “Very early I wanted to be a jewellery designer but somehow that never happened and instead I read History of Art at university. However my first job was working on the jewellery counter at Sotheby’s in London, so I had the most amazing opportunity to see, handle and learn about all kinds of jewellery. I then moved into Sotheby’s press office where, over a period of 16 years I helped promote many historic jewellery auctions. I also worked with the silver department and other departments such as Islamic Works of Art, a culture known for its fine metal work.
“I joined the Goldsmiths’ Company in 2002 and the fabulous world of contemporary jewellery and silver opened up to me. I have been smitten ever since and have so enjoyed getting to know so many fantastic, inspirational jewellers and silversmiths, as well as learning about their different techniques and what inspires them. So while that childhood fantasy of designing jewellery never quite happened, luckily for me, jewellery and beautiful precious objects have long been part of my working and personal life.
“I know it is going to be incredibly difficult to judge this award as I have a very eclectic taste in jewellery and precious metal work. However I will be looking for designs that don’t just make a statement. Craftsmanship and skill are paramount, but I also think it is vital that the pieces have been well thought out. Whether it is jewellery, silver or gold - all have to come alive and be easy to wear or use. Balance is also key. Having tried my hand at silver spoon making I know how incredibly difficult it is - in theory judging should be so much easier!”
Amanda Stücklin is now an independent publicist promoting art, antiques and contemporary design.

Judge’s Statement

Judge's Statement: This was not an easy task as obviously all six finalists are exceptionally talented artist jewellers. Each of them designs and makes very original and unusual jewellery, created with tangible integrity, passion and enthusiasm. So they are all to be highly commended and encouraged and should take pride in their achievements! Jesa Marshall's jewellery is very imaginative and full of narrative, while Kerry Newth's pieces are fabulously colourful, textural and fluid and demonstrate her passion for coloured stones. Likewise Lesley Philllips' has clearly overcome lots of hurdles to become a jeweller and her "daisy" and "equestrian" collections are particularly striking. I look forward to seeing how they progress and develop their work and wish them all individually the very best of luck.

Gold: Alex Yule
Judge's Statement: Although my personal preference is generally for large, bold jewellery there was something very appealing about Alex's jewellery that jumped out at me. It is whimsical and romantic, beautifully observed and commercial in the positive sense of the word. Much of its attraction lies in the fact that it is detailed but not over-laboured. There is an obvious passion and integrity about Alex's jewellery, but at the same time her collections are clearly well thought out and focussed. Simultaneously each collection has a distinctive theme and look, so there is a cohesive thread in evidence which makes them hang together extremely well. Even her commission work reflects this as, although the client has clearly had an in-put, the finished design bears Alex's signature. Alex uses an interesting repertoire of techniques.I am looking forward to seeing how her work develops and how she plans to introduce enamelling and stones into her designs.

Silver: Katrina Alexander
Judge's Statement: I like Katrina's work for its strong, distinctive flowing lines and very organic, sculptural feel achieved through the technique of lost wax carving. Her work makes a statement in a very simple, but effective way. It also has a very contemporary feel to it and I particularly like her groupings of silver elements which add movement and additional interest. Importantly, it looks very wearable. Katrina has a strong collection and I hope she continues to develop it by introducing new shapes and designs and maybe one day she might even be able to up the ante and go for gold!

Silver: Cathy Timbrell
Judge's Statement: Cathy's jewellery is very striking with a strong organic feel. She clearly loves to experiment with a range of different jewellery techniques, which results in very varied collections. Her use of yellow gold balls and wires is particularly effective and I was impressed with her highly textured pieces, achieved through complex processes, skill and patience. Cathy's work using wet- inlayed enamels is also very interesting and has a lot of potential so I am pleased that this is an area she is in the process of developing. Her desire to create stunning jewellery that is also affordable is very commendable.


Jesa Marshall

Kerry Newth

Lesley H Phillips

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