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The craft&design Selected Awards 2014 - Specialist Judges

craft&design Selected Awards

Victoria Scholes
Victoria Scholes
Glass Category

Victoria Scholes

“Glass has a magic that seems to catch people, and I’m no exception; I am an artist, writer and curator, and glass is a significant part of my work. I exhibit all over the UK, including the British Glass Biennale 2012 and in the Corning new Glass Review 34. Plus I curate a range of shows in glass and crafts.

"But I’m here really, because I’m chair of the Contemporary Glass Society - the UK’s foremost organisation for promoting glass and contemporary glassmakers. The CGS is the glue that holds the glass community together, whether you make it, buy it, sell it or like to see it. Our aim is to encourage excellence in glass as well as promoting glassmakers worldwide, and we do that through our website, magazine, events, exhibitions and conferences.

“The upshot of this is that I see a lot of glass, and I have pretty strong opinions about standards. So when I come to be asked to judge excellence for the craft&design Selected awards, that means, for me, a maturity of style and aesthetic; flawless technique; originality; and a ‘leap off the page’ kind of magic. Am I a bit of a fuss-pot? Maybe, but I know that glass-makers are up to the challenge and I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to offer.”

Judge’s Statement

Gold: Bruce Marks
Judge's Statement: Bruce's work is characterised by its strong but simple forms, technical excellence, and controlled use of colour. This is all underpinned by convincing ideas and personal influences to produce strong, consistent work that is calming, characterful and has great presence any piece would enliven and enhance a home or gallery especially when arranged in groups or pairs. His track record is impressive and the development and evolution of his style and form makes for a very satisfying body of work overall from the beginnings to the present day.

Silver: Mango Beads Amanda Muddiman
Judge's Statement: Amanda says that people describe her work as precise. It certainly is that, but so much more. Technically skilled, with a mastery of detail and colour, she has done something that is both difficult and enchanting, which is to create tiny stories (up to the observer to interpret, of course!) on miniature canvases that have a complexity and depth as well as a relatively simple form. This makes for collectible and wearable pieces that their owners will treasure.

Silver: Stonegate Glass Studio - Annette & Gary McMillan
Judge's Statement: Annette and Gary have drawn on their considerable architectural expertise when developing the range that they have presented for the Select Awards, and it shows. Fused glass bowls and ornament can be hard to do well, but here we see a variety of techniques of a kind that are usually kept separate brought together into pieces that are elegant, pleasing and an excellent way to bring the skills of the architectural glass artist out of the private setting into a gallery for more of us to enjoy.


Linda Banks
Catriona Mackenzie
Sue Burne

Judge's Statement: It is always a pleasure to spend time with inventive, beautiful and skilled art by talented artists and the work by Linda Banks of Orchid Stained Glass, Catriona Mackenzie of CatmacK Glass and Sue Burne is no exception. Whether working with hot glass, stained techniques or engraving, these makers show dedication, talent and inventiveness that is a credit to the discipline of glassmaking.

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