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The craft&design Selected Awards 2013 - Specialist Judges

craft&design Selected Awards

Stephen Prendergast
Stephen Prendergast
Glass Category

Stephen Prendergast

Stephen Prendergast is a designer and artist. Since 2002 he has organised the Glass Section at Art in Action in Oxfordshire. In that time the Glass Section has twice won the Art in Action Best of the Best award and has twice been runner up.

When selecting artists to demonstrate at Art in Action Stephen looks for three things in their work: a creative point of view, excellent craftsmanship and a sensitivity to beauty.

Artists are selected on merit. They are all professional and range from the well known and well established to newcomers just starting out on a career in glass art.

Art in Action provides demonstrations in as many glass making techniques as possible. Glassblowing in particular is always popular.

At the 2010 and 2012 British Glass Biennale, Art in Action sponsored an award of 1000. Andrea Spencer won the award this year and she will be demonstrating at Art in Action 2013.

In his role as the craft&design Selected Specialist Judge for Glass, Stephen will be drawing on his experience of selecting glass artists for Art in Action and will be looking for similar qualities in the work of the winners.

Judge’s Statement

Gold Award - Crispian Heath
Crispian draws his major influences from nature. He walks the rugged cliffs and geological landscapes of Britain and draws - and his drawings are good. Look at his website. You can see the influence of the observed elements upon his sculptural pieces, infusing them with a light and vitality that owes everything to the empirical experience. Highly commendable. I think Crispian is an artist worthy of much wider recognition.

Silver Award - Catriona Mackenzie
Catriona unites strong colours with bold forms, and her pieces often have a compelling presence, which is not an easy trick to pull off. She is a highly skilled glassblower, a silversmith, and she has recently embarked upon lampworking. She is also endowed with copious reserves of tenacity, a quality that will surely bring her future success.

Silver Award - Ema Kelly
Ema's work seems to carry a smile. The colours and forms are pure and simple, and the overall effect is delightful. It can only be an expression of the artist herself. She is a skilled glassblower, a very accomplished lampworker, and she writes particularly well. Perhaps the purity of expression comes from her clarity of thought.

All the Finalists are first rate artists producing a high standard of work, and they promote themselves well through their internet sites. With London reputed to be the 'creative capital of the world' - in effect a marketplace for the creative industries - this is a great time to be a glass artist in Britain.

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