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Magazine Mechanical Data

Printed: Offset Litho
Size: A4 height:297mm x width:210mm
Whole page: Bleed height:297mm x width:210mm + 3mm all round
or type area height:272mm x width:190mm
Half page:

height:130mm x width:190mm or
height:272mm x width:90mm (type area)

Third page: height:272mm x width:60mm (type area)
Quarter page: height:130mm x width:90mm (type area)
Eighth page: height:60mm x width:90mm (type area)

Advertisers may choose to take advantage of our free design service for adverts in craft&design - should you need to use the advert in other publications, we can send you the original artwork for a small charge.

When sending images for reproduction please remember that the minimum resolution for photographs and advertisements would be 300 dpi at the size they are going to be reproduced. If you are in any doubt it is always better to send too large a file than a file that is to small. File sizes will vary with the type of file used, jpeg with a medium image quality will reduce the file size considerably and still give a good rendition of the image when in print.

Advertisements should be sent as a high resolution PDF file with 100% of fonts embedded.

If sending large files via e-mail, please contact us first so that we can let you have our dedicated e-mail address for large files. Put the subject line as 'Please Send Repro E-mail Address'.

alternatively, images can be sent on CD to our postal address:

P.O.Box 5,
East Yorks,
YO25 8JD

If you have any problems understanding our requirements please send an e-mail or call Paul Boyer on 01377 255213.

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